Study Guide #2
Pages 41-82

· With McMurphy, the ward begins to change and the fundamental battle between Ratched and McMurphy looms.

Up Close
· Pick three or four consecutive paragraphs in the reading that seem to give the best example of Nurse Ratched. Mark them in your book.

1. What do you suppose the fog is?
It is his way of "hiding." He kind of creates that when he feels threatened by something.

Is it real?
No the fog is not real. It is something that he makes up in his head.

Why does the Chief need it?
The chief needs the fog to make himself feel safe.

Are there any patients totally lost in the fog?
Yes. Most of the people on the chronics side are lost in the fog. For example the vegetables are.

2. What is the hypothetical good intentions of the meeting?

The meeting is to help you express yourself and to make yourself feel better. It is like a therapy class.

What is the ugly reality?

The truth is that it doesn't make them feel better. It only makes them feel worse about themselves. It is like everybody is ganging up on them.

How does Harding get hurt?

He gets hurt because everybody is making fun of him and him not being able to satisfy his wife.

3. What does Nurse Ratched do to try and intimidate McMurphy?

She gives him some medication because he refuses to take it.

How is he supposed to feel when she says that?

He is supposed to give in and let her give him the medication and feel intimidated by her.

How does he feel?

Annoyed because they don't listen to the full story and yet it doesn't bother him.

How does McMurphy feel about his own sexuality?

It doesn't bother him at all. He is okay with talking about sex and things involving sex.

How does McMurphy turn the tables on her?

Asks her if she knows how he taught women to say his name.

Has anyone tried to do a similar thing to you?


4. What is the Combine?
Nurse Ratched.

How did Old Pete avoid the controls of the Combine?

How has McMurphy managed to avoid the Combine?

He plays along with the rules untill she is gone and she won't notice.

5. How are the meetings like "a bunch of chickens at a peckin' party"?
Because when they are all sitting together they tend to just pick on one person at a time. They pick at that person's problems.

What is a pecking party?
When a bunch of chickens all peck at the same spot on another chicken that is raw. They make it bleed and the chicken usually dies or is hurt pretty bad.

6. What is the difference between a chicken and a rabbit?
The rabbit is a "victim" in more cases then the chicken is.

what characters are rabbits?
The doctor, Harding, Billy, and Cheswick.

What characters are chickens?

Nurse Ratched, McMurphy

When have you felt like either a chicken or a rabbit?
When kids bully students. That is kinda like the chicken idea. The rabbit one isn't as common. That one is more of when nothing ever goes right for you.

7. What is the bet?

That he could get the best of Nurse Ratched before the week's up, without her getting the best of him.

8. How does Mack fool the Chief?

Mack tells the Chief that the coon is coming and he jumps into his bed. Mack thought the chief was deaf.

9. Describe what the chief sees at night.

"The dorm floor moves, and we're sliding away from the walls and door and the windows of the ward at a hell of a clip"

Is it true, "even if it never happened."

No it isn't true. It is what he is seeing since he hasn't taken his medicine.

According to his vision, what happens at the end of your time on the ward?

You "go away"